Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Photo view at pilau papatan and baru2 from kandang Sapi
the total catch of the day

I spent this time mengandang udang . musim udang masih on, Early in the morning pergi ke kandang sapi. sikit saja olih. So i went to Pancang Merah dekat gusu. Sana tah ku belurih byk, but yg sedihnya bercampur anak satak . I have to go back home early with pukat yg masih ada udang dan Satak damit.
But the good news nya satak basak byk ku belurih. never in my life dpt mcm atu. Half day balik tah ku. reached home I2.20pm. udang 8kg, satak 3kg and ikan campur 3kg.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Total catch of the day.
My photo with my I6 ft fibre glass boat with the Batman 890  logo.
Cruaising alone early in the morning from sibabau base was very worried cause of the frequent thunder with slight rain. Mengandang udang di Kandang Sapi , just near to Ujong Sapo. 2 hours netting , managed to catch around 5kg more or less. Actually just to get bait for fishing. Went to my favourite fishing spot at  batin Pelumpong  for Mackerel, as my favourite fishing game . Mengail tengiri disana tidak semudah itu jika dibandingkan dengan di ayer laut dalam. Dengan hanya 3m dalam. Kekuatan tarikannya  mengerunkan.

Not long, after a long fight ,  I managed to catch my first big mackerel in my fishing activity. weighted tujuh belas lebih kilogram and follow with the other one around 3kg. the 2nd biggest mackerel was I2 kg (dua belas kilo) sama jua tempat mancing.

After 2 hours fishing, i have to go back home because my storage coolbox is too small for the big Mackerel. Takut buntu. My plan actually kan mengandang udang lagi afer fishing. pajal udang atu.  Back home around I2.20 pm. 

Very much enjoyed with the catch and feeling good. Shukur and Alhamdudillah.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Total catch of the day with I5 lady grouper, one imam safiee and 3 catfish.
A usual at 6.00 am departed from Sibabau base and reached Bangau river. I was with 2 of my passengers ganya kan mendulur rasa abisdia. This time we brought shrimp from home for fishing bait. Terus kami mengail di raba somewhere at Sg. Kenalian inside Malaysian border. Alhamdudillah.. Our fishing trip at Sg kenalian was successful with the above catch but at Muara putus,We caught only one imam safiee. Back to base around 4.00pm.

Morning weather was very fine but starting with midday the sea was getting rough and unfriendly. Kan mengail pun payah.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The one and only fishing catch.

One and only mackerel I caught after about 4 hours waiting and waiting...... with cool and patient. My trip this time is full of obstacles. firstly why suddenly my  early morning departure, my engine boat was out of gas. Luckily i have extra gas i always bring . I went back to sibabau base and asked  my wife to send me another tank before cruaising to Raya rive for baits.Just before i started to go to pelompong water outlet, Still at Raya river where to i used to catch bait fishing, my throttle cable broke. With some little engine experience i could manage to find another option and drive forward and heading to Tengiri fishing. Actually i missed the early high tide . i have to wait before end of high tide. Alhamdudillah, I managed to catch one. Not long, i went to Muara putus to catch languran and some other but i caught none. ??????? 

Very tiring, hot and windy with big mama wave. it was good time for org kan mau free mabuk. Just kidding.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 languran, gumbir 2, buwan 3 and 2kg katam kaluk .

I spent 3 hours to get fresh shrimps for fishing bait. I caught only few, 800g may be less and the craps pun inda banyak  might be because of frequent rainfall. This time went home early. umpan pun habis. tinggal 3 ekor. malas kan pindah minda mengail. Actually there are few fishing spots kan di aga. reached sibabau base at 2pm. ok that all. ikanbauwan atu nyaman di salai. best....

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Atu tah ikan yg ku dapat. one lobster, languran 3, bauwan 3 , brusak 2, and some ikan kembura olih memukat utk umpan tengiri.
Steamed lobster for lunch that i caught. nyaman and best.

My target for this trip is  to catch mackerel someway at Pelumpong spit  2km from. I almost catch one big mackerel but the steel wire i used was broken. In fact, catching mackerel at that spot is not as easy as we thought because at shallow water the fish is stronger than at deep water. I caught some mini trevally and  3 bauwan at Muara putus , muara harbor , that one lobster is my 3rd time i caught at the same spot at muara putus and  2 brusak at pelumpong offshore.

Very tiring this time. I almost hurt myself when  i fell down and hit my left chest and my hand to the edge of my boat. Very painful. i thought i broke my left chest already. Thanks to Allah  everything back to finally ok. Very much enjoyed walaupun byk halangan. nyaman tidor .

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rezeki for the day. the lobster caught from the line fishing.
At sungai Raya where i used to netting shrimps and line fishing. Sometimes very scary jua if alone.

My fishing trip at this time was very tiring. managed to catch some fish namely ikan languran, gumbir, umpak and surprisingly  lobster oleh mengail . my 2nd time berlurih lobster at the same fishing spot . All those fish are from Muara putus. About 3 kg shrimps from netting and one grouper  caught  somewhere in Sungai Raya. 

The weather was no good in the early afternoon. i was caught by strong wind on my way back to sibabau base. Very strong wind and and heavy rainfall. Padas mua.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The jerebu  that i could not see around me around me.
Anchoring at one of my fishing spot at Muara putus
Catch of the day

I went to sg Raya to netting shrimps. Alhamdudillah around 4kg shrimp. Around 9.30 am, I started cruaising my boat to Muara Harbour, 9 km from sg. raya. Halfway cruaising, i lost focussed. I did not know where to heading because of the haze, i could not see anything around me.. Luckily i have some fishing coordinates which is close to Pelompong spit . I used GPS device to guide. After about 4 hours fishing at Muara putus. I managed to catch 3 ikan languran, one ikan bahuan and one lobster. klu sudah kana bagi rezeki atu perkara yang yg inda patut dapat, jadi dapat. My first licence to catch lobster with fishing line di Muara putus. I went back to sg Bangau, which is close to Raya river. At Bugis village, i did not catch any. i think the water visibility is very clear. I went to Raya river. I caught 3 red snappers and 2 lady grouper. it was very quiet inside Raya river and very scary. Because i was alone. Back to Pangkalan sibabau around 5pm. 

The weather was very fine but berjerebu. Inda berapa panas. Really enjoyed but feel tired.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Catch of the day namely ikan bebatik, languran ,tawih, imam sapiee, big brusak which i never catch before , mini grouper and prawn 5 kg.

After a long break i think almost 2 months. This time i spent my time fishing at Muara water. and pelompong  island just 5km away from the spits. Usually i always bring fishing nets for shrimps and fishing net for Kembura and Tamban, baits for  Tengiri but i didnt catch any baits for tengiri. But i managed to netting about 5kg shrimps, more than enough bait for other species fish. It was at noon time I caught most of the fish, which is not the right time to fish. if i could wait for 3 hours longer till late afternoon . I believe i could catch more. I returned to Pangkalan Sibabau base around 2.30pm. it wasa very very hot day. i felt like boiling. Very tiring but enjoyed very much.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Our photo just 2 km from jerudong base.Group's name on photo Wan Daud, Dillah,Adi and myself.

My trip this time was very challenging. We did not know that the wave is getting bigger and bigger as we were off from shore especially during night time. Terpaksa tah kami berikat near bytakat timbul someway around 60km away. yet we could still feel the hit from the monster wave as high as 4m. Sakit pinggang dan punggong balancing.  Until morning then we were able to go fishing. our plan to go to drop off was cancelled. At 2.00pm . we returned back home around 1 pm with the total catch of 60 kg. Namely red snapper, groupers, lantaran and other species. My 1st trip time offshore open water this year 2015.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

We came to Sibabau base at 5.30am. I was very surprise when a lot of people already making the line up with their trailers. as long as a train. luckily we were not far away. This time  went with my regular crew Mohai. We departed from base around 6am and we immediately cruised to our 1st fishing spot at Muara . Someway near to Muara Harbour. When we reached to the spot. It was already high tide with the strong current, We missed the last low tide. We only managed to catch  red snapper.
Our 2nd spot is at Pelompong spit and lastly we came back to our 1st fishing spot. We managed to catch languran 1 , gumbir  3and manyong 1 . We also spend our time to netting . There was a very strong current coming from north east . My surprising. Its never happen before. it always bring the very cool current.

The weather is just fine but a bit windy with north wind direction . I saw a lot of people all over places  i went. Very much enjoyed and fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In the first place i thought , i will not be able to get shrimps for baits. I went to many places netting only to the last spot in the rive, i managed to catch a lot. I was very lucky. I started line fishing at sg raya . i only catch grouper and catfish. I went to Muara harbour where we used to say Peluahan. Its about 2.00pm i started fishing. Al hamdudillah, This time i managed to catch languran, gumbir and the best of the best is ikan bebatik with shrimps about 5 kg.

I think it is the good time for fishing out there at Peluahan Muara because the North East wind is still blowing. The weather is not friendly, but not as bad as previous. Very enjoyed this time .

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My trip this time, the weather was very unfriendly all the day long till early night. Early morning a t 6amwe cruised Sg raya river to get netting shrimps  for  fishing bait. Unfortunately we did not get enough shrimps for bait. But we managed to get 4kg  mini mullet actually  live baits also red snapper. At around 1pm, we started to fishing. Our first spot at Bangau river we only caught 1 lady grouper. At that time the river tide was not right and due to frequent rainfall. Our 2nd spot is at Muara Harbour. We caught some fish over there namely ikan languran, sapiee, bauwan and grouper. We did not catch red snapper as we expected. Unlucky weather with limited fishing spots.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

fish on Bangauu river

Netting shrimps  was  a bit tiring this time but managed to catch around 4 kg and some for  baits for line fishing. My intention for line fishing is for fun only. just kan melepaskan gian. I went to my favourite fishing spot  not far from Bugis village . Actually the  water visibility   at kg Bugis was just nice. I was surprised with my  fishing catch at low tide .the best time for fishing is during high tide not low tide. I was just lucky to catch many grouper, 2 mangrove jack and  2 baby beberahan, After i spent 2 hours fishing . i went to pulau lipan as on photo just to see  the scenary during low tide and set the coordinates some of  rocks near by the island  for next fishing trip. ok  salam .

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday 30 April trip.

                                             the catch of the half day.

After i set up all of my traps. I started netting shrimps. I managed to catch 4kg and some tiger prawn . My catch of crabs this time was very unfortunate. No luck this time. not on photo. 6 ekor saja. I did not wait  until 2nd round  set up trap as usual  . i straight away went   to Pulau lipan rock , near to kg baru2 for line fishing. It was already low tide. But i managed to catch 2 groupers and 1 catfish. It was not long after that i returned to base for home.   It was very hot day. I fell like boiling.


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