Saturday, August 25, 2012

Morning fishing trip

 catch of the day namely shrimps 4 kgs , fishing tackle 8 grouper lobster 2 and others.

This time of fishing and netting is just for fun only. As usual off from home early in the morning before dawn.When i reached Si babau base a lot of people queuing kan turun kelaut. what a suprise. i spent netting shrimps first thing in the morning. 3 hours after that i stopped and managed to catch 4 kg prawn. the rest of the time before back home i spent for line fishing. i managed to catch 8 kerapu and kerapu bini(girl).I couldnt catch small shrimps for fishing bait much. Merambat pun inda belurih langsong.So i went home early lah around 11.30am. kan beraya lagi..ok. before end. i take this opportunity to greet all bloggers and readers  SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Netting shrimps lagi....

This time ada lebih sedikit, around 7 kg shrimps  plus tiger prawn and part-time fishing 2 grouper girl dan mcm2 ada. Fishing and netting at sea during pasting  is a real challenge physically and spiritually. What surprised me. Masa dillaut  we didnt feel anything mcm biasa . but sudah balik rumah barutah terasa tired. salam to all bloggers and readers.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rezeki bulan Puasa

After taking meal for sahur and packing .off around 5.10am. At Sibabau base  i met Norisman father's. kan turun mengandang udang.We had a chat awhile. I reached sg raya. My favourite spot for shrimps around 6.00pm. start tah ku mengandang udang. After 10.00am i stopped netting. My luck kurang sikit around 5kg saja udang.I went to sg bangau for line fishing. Inda ada orang disana sunyi sepi dan seram.I managed to catch kerapu girl 3, ungah 2 and sumpit2. Befor 12 noon balik tah ku. Wassalam to all and selamat berpuasa dan beribadah.

Date of fishing 10 August 2012.
Catch for the day: Lady grouper ,shrimps 5 kg, ungah,  sumpit2 and others


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