Monday, December 2, 2013

My trip this time the same with the previous activities. Netting shrimps, craps and fishing. It might be because of frequent rainfall, my luck trapping crab with only 3 kg and the same with my line fishing with 3 umpak only . Netting shrimps 8kg.

At Sg Raya i coincidentally met two of my old fishing friend as on picture doing what we called ' Mengabat' as one of the method  of catching fish.

Very much enjoyed this time with fine weather and less obstacles.

The catch of the day today. not much this time
those are the people in action at mouth of raya river bank  .The way of how they do the job is very tiring and dangerous. because they have to walk on the sticky mud which is not easy .your leg will drive deep in the mud and this place is famous for 1 big crocodile and many others.
                                                             Their catch of the morning.


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