Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cuti-cuti memancing ++

Total catch with fishing tackle with 11 kerapu bini, 1 mangrove jack, 8kg crabs and 8 kg shrimps.
Alhamdudillah, rezeki at this time was very good. Especially my fishing luck. I only caught about 15 shrimps for bait. Merambat pun inda belurih. If  i have had enough baits, byk lagi  dpt ikan memancing. I have to stop early cause my bails no more tangahnya. all finished. So i spent with netting shrimps. Well, i manage to catch about 8kg +- and my trapping craps this time not much.

This time i m pleased with the weather. thanks god. few times in the morning  raining but ok.
Unlike my two last trips.e wave many times struck and poured into my boats. inda jua jara. ok  guys see you next..........

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the total catch of the day.
The first time meeting with my people early in the morning as soon as i arrived at sibabau base. Usually at 5.20 am arrival at base inda belum banyak org  kan ke laut.

Rezek i kali ani alhamdudillah.Memancing pun belurih tapi udang kurang la kali ini. So overall catch namely crabs 16kg, prawn 2kg and many grouper and mangrove jack. I saw many  brunei people fishing and netting shrimps at Bangau river.

The weather  half day morning was fine and friendly but in  afternoon the wave is getting bigger and bigger. Many times the wave struck and got into my boats semasa membangkit bubu bbintur,
 alright that all. Bye.


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