Tuesday, June 10, 2014

fish on Bangauu river

Netting shrimps  was  a bit tiring this time but managed to catch around 4 kg and some for  baits for line fishing. My intention for line fishing is for fun only. just kan melepaskan gian. I went to my favourite fishing spot  not far from Bugis village . Actually the  water visibility   at kg Bugis was just nice. I was surprised with my  fishing catch at low tide .the best time for fishing is during high tide not low tide. I was just lucky to catch many grouper, 2 mangrove jack and  2 baby beberahan, After i spent 2 hours fishing . i went to pulau lipan as on photo just to see  the scenary during low tide and set the coordinates some of  rocks near by the island  for next fishing trip. ok  salam .


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