Friday, January 15, 2016

The one and only fishing catch.

One and only mackerel I caught after about 4 hours waiting and waiting...... with cool and patient. My trip this time is full of obstacles. firstly why suddenly my  early morning departure, my engine boat was out of gas. Luckily i have extra gas i always bring . I went back to sibabau base and asked  my wife to send me another tank before cruaising to Raya rive for baits.Just before i started to go to pelompong water outlet, Still at Raya river where to i used to catch bait fishing, my throttle cable broke. With some little engine experience i could manage to find another option and drive forward and heading to Tengiri fishing. Actually i missed the early high tide . i have to wait before end of high tide. Alhamdudillah, I managed to catch one. Not long, i went to Muara putus to catch languran and some other but i caught none. ??????? 

Very tiring, hot and windy with big mama wave. it was good time for org kan mau free mabuk. Just kidding.


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