Tuesday, June 10, 2014

fish on Bangauu river

Netting shrimps  was  a bit tiring this time but managed to catch around 4 kg and some for  baits for line fishing. My intention for line fishing is for fun only. just kan melepaskan gian. I went to my favourite fishing spot  not far from Bugis village . Actually the  water visibility   at kg Bugis was just nice. I was surprised with my  fishing catch at low tide .the best time for fishing is during high tide not low tide. I was just lucky to catch many grouper, 2 mangrove jack and  2 baby beberahan, After i spent 2 hours fishing . i went to pulau lipan as on photo just to see  the scenary during low tide and set the coordinates some of  rocks near by the island  for next fishing trip. ok  salam .

Friday, May 2, 2014

Wednesday 30 April trip.

                                             the catch of the half day.

After i set up all of my traps. I started netting shrimps. I managed to catch 4kg and some tiger prawn . My catch of crabs this time was very unfortunate. No luck this time. not on photo. 6 ekor saja. I did not wait  until 2nd round  set up trap as usual  . i straight away went   to Pulau lipan rock , near to kg baru2 for line fishing. It was already low tide. But i managed to catch 2 groupers and 1 catfish. It was not long after that i returned to base for home.   It was very hot day. I fell like boiling.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fish on..

My fishing trip yesterday this time was a bit unlucky. But i was very lucky i could reach to Sibabau base for home around 7pm. My plan to go fishing did not happen because i could not get enough bait. My shrimp netting and merambat pun nothing with left  me with trapping craps.

On the way to my trapping spot. I suddenly hit a big timber log  that cause the damage of my engine. I could not speed up the engine faster and  furthermore my engine consume a lot of gas. I thanked  to the police guarding at tanjong puan for giving me extra regular gas. After finished taking all the set of traps. It took me 1 hour 20 min to reach sibabau base with the same speed of walking. I managed to catch about 8kg crab and few shrimp.

Friday, March 7, 2014


total catch of the day
It took me 3 hours netting shrimps for fishing bait. very stressful. around 10.30 am baru tah start ngail.When i reached to my fishing spot. The water visibility was very clear, although the water temperature was just fine. I have no choice but to enjoy fishing . I went to many places namely at sg kenalian, along Bangau river, Raya river lastly pulau lipan rock . I only managed to catch few fish saja. Before home i spent the rest of my time netting shrimps. 9kg.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Fishing trip on rainy day

It was still dark when i departed  from Sibabau base around 5.30am. Just 1/4 of my cruising to Bangau River. There was an heavy rainfall with strong wind that i could not see anything. Furthermore  at that time was a very low tidy with shallow water. Very frightening. I didnt know where to go. One hour after the rain, then the visibility was fine. Baru tah lega sikit. its not easy if you want to go to Bangau river during low tide with poor visibility.So many obstacles. My trip this time i spent only few hours line fishing. because of the frequent rainfall. My favourite fishing spot pun inda berapa makan. Not like last week. I managed to catch few fish from many places. Before home, i spent all of my time netting shrimps. Alhamdudillah, I managed to catch around 7kg and few groupers. Ok bye...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

                                 The total catch of the day with shrimps 5kg and grouper 16 in total.

                                                          The catch from line fishing

It was a fine and lovely day of my trip. Although i was a bit cloudly. I was very much relaxed and enjoyed. I managed to catch 16 lady grouper    and 5kg shrimps that i caught before and after line fishing. My problem only with the bait shrimps i caught from netting was a bit bigger that i missed many of my catch. banyak lapas. On my way  at sg kenalian i spotted a crocodile splashing into the water. About 12 ft long. Ok. before end, i greet to all readers a happy new year. Best of the best to your all.


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