Friday, June 7, 2013

if you see carefully on photo, it shows the flag of Barisonal National during the PRU 13 Malaysia National election. You know that the flag is put at Bangau River outlet. Before you enter sg Bangau you can still see the flag. Semangat jua pilihan raya malaysia ani. Sampi kelaut.he..he.. funny but true.
My boat on on towing just before reaching sibabau base. The guy who helped me is Fijal from kg Saba, kg ayer. Thank you so much  for your help.

My total catch this time. 8.6kg shrimps and the three other fish.
My trip actually  for netting shrimps because my home's stock is almost finished. My netting spot as always at sg bangau and sg raya. Alhamdudillah, my catch is  more than 8kg  with my catch from line fishing, 2  lady grouper and Red Snapper. I only spent short time fishing.

In the first place , at 11.30 am ,  i already on my way cruising  to the base. not far from sg bangau  unexpected  problem came to my engine. I think the throttle engine cable broke. I tried to fix the things but failed.Luckly i brought my anchor in my boat. if not, the strong low tide current will bring me to the outer sea.  Its about 3 hours waiting for some other boaters passing by. At last baru tah ada org brunei melintas  mau menolong. Pengandang  udang jua.I gave all my petrol to him. sanang hati nya. At last around 3.45 pm, i reached pengkalan sibabau. I didnt really enjoy with my trip this time lah. firstly, i cut my finger from the engine propeller , my knife forgot to bring, my engine cap disappeared, my engine didnt work. Its a strong challenge for me this time . ok see u guys next time.


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