Wednesday, December 23, 2015

5 languran, gumbir 2, buwan 3 and 2kg katam kaluk .

I spent 3 hours to get fresh shrimps for fishing bait. I caught only few, 800g may be less and the craps pun inda banyak  might be because of frequent rainfall. This time went home early. umpan pun habis. tinggal 3 ekor. malas kan pindah minda mengail. Actually there are few fishing spots kan di aga. reached sibabau base at 2pm. ok that all. ikanbauwan atu nyaman di salai. best....

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Atu tah ikan yg ku dapat. one lobster, languran 3, bauwan 3 , brusak 2, and some ikan kembura olih memukat utk umpan tengiri.
Steamed lobster for lunch that i caught. nyaman and best.

My target for this trip is  to catch mackerel someway at Pelumpong spit  2km from. I almost catch one big mackerel but the steel wire i used was broken. In fact, catching mackerel at that spot is not as easy as we thought because at shallow water the fish is stronger than at deep water. I caught some mini trevally and  3 bauwan at Muara putus , muara harbor , that one lobster is my 3rd time i caught at the same spot at muara putus and  2 brusak at pelumpong offshore.

Very tiring this time. I almost hurt myself when  i fell down and hit my left chest and my hand to the edge of my boat. Very painful. i thought i broke my left chest already. Thanks to Allah  everything back to finally ok. Very much enjoyed walaupun byk halangan. nyaman tidor .


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