Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Total catch of the day.
My photo with my I6 ft fibre glass boat with the Batman 890  logo.
Cruaising alone early in the morning from sibabau base was very worried cause of the frequent thunder with slight rain. Mengandang udang di Kandang Sapi , just near to Ujong Sapo. 2 hours netting , managed to catch around 5kg more or less. Actually just to get bait for fishing. Went to my favourite fishing spot at  batin Pelumpong  for Mackerel, as my favourite fishing game . Mengail tengiri disana tidak semudah itu jika dibandingkan dengan di ayer laut dalam. Dengan hanya 3m dalam. Kekuatan tarikannya  mengerunkan.

Not long, after a long fight ,  I managed to catch my first big mackerel in my fishing activity. weighted tujuh belas lebih kilogram and follow with the other one around 3kg. the 2nd biggest mackerel was I2 kg (dua belas kilo) sama jua tempat mancing.

After 2 hours fishing, i have to go back home because my storage coolbox is too small for the big Mackerel. Takut buntu. My plan actually kan mengandang udang lagi afer fishing. pajal udang atu.  Back home around I2.20 pm. 

Very much enjoyed with the catch and feeling good. Shukur and Alhamdudillah.


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