Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Me and mohai is on action.
The fish we caught namely lady grouper,grouper .mangrove jack,Red snapper and others
The shrimps 10kg netting
It has been a long time break. I take this time school holiday for fishing . baru that relax after a thousand commited things to do.This trip i am not going alone as always.I am going with my old friend partner, Mohai.

As usual our trip schedule the same time. off from home at 5am and reached sibabau base at 5.30am and then Raya river at 6am.Our trip this time is focussed  for line fishng and netting shrimps is only for happy go lucky. But what happened then we caught more shrimps then fishing fish. That's what we call luck.We managed to  fishing fish like grouper, mangrove jack, red snapper and others and 10 kg shrimps.We have to pack up early cause the wave was getting unfriendly. getting bigger.Around 2.30pm we went home.


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