Saturday, March 12, 2016

Total catch of the day with I5 lady grouper, one imam safiee and 3 catfish.
A usual at 6.00 am departed from Sibabau base and reached Bangau river. I was with 2 of my passengers ganya kan mendulur rasa abisdia. This time we brought shrimp from home for fishing bait. Terus kami mengail di raba somewhere at Sg. Kenalian inside Malaysian border. Alhamdudillah.. Our fishing trip at Sg kenalian was successful with the above catch but at Muara putus,We caught only one imam safiee. Back to base around 4.00pm.

Morning weather was very fine but starting with midday the sea was getting rough and unfriendly. Kan mengail pun payah.


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