Saturday, January 5, 2013

the 14 kg shrimps and carps 4 kg
the overall catch of the 3 in 1 trip
this time i am going alone.My first trip of this year , my luck hopefully will continue again from time to time. My intention actually for netting shrimps. i only bring 13 traps for craps and line fishing What happened was i managed to catch 14 kg shrimps plus 3 tiger prawn and 4kg craps with just 13 traps. and 1 hour line fishing with 3 grouper and few small fish.Usually i always bring 100 traps for crap.

The weather was very friendly with cloudy and raining day. Inda panas.Usually with the north east monsoon . the wind is always blowing in the afternoon. When blows it is  very dangerous to cruising across the brunei bay from  bangau river to sibabau base.

Best wishes to all fishing bloggers, anglers and readers.All the best for this new year onwards.Be happy always and good health.See you again in the next edition.



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