Thursday, February 19, 2015

We came to Sibabau base at 5.30am. I was very surprise when a lot of people already making the line up with their trailers. as long as a train. luckily we were not far away. This time  went with my regular crew Mohai. We departed from base around 6am and we immediately cruised to our 1st fishing spot at Muara . Someway near to Muara Harbour. When we reached to the spot. It was already high tide with the strong current, We missed the last low tide. We only managed to catch  red snapper.
Our 2nd spot is at Pelompong spit and lastly we came back to our 1st fishing spot. We managed to catch languran 1 , gumbir  3and manyong 1 . We also spend our time to netting . There was a very strong current coming from north east . My surprising. Its never happen before. it always bring the very cool current.

The weather is just fine but a bit windy with north wind direction . I saw a lot of people all over places  i went. Very much enjoyed and fun.



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