Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Atu tah ikan yg ku dapat. one lobster, languran 3, bauwan 3 , brusak 2, and some ikan kembura olih memukat utk umpan tengiri.
Steamed lobster for lunch that i caught. nyaman and best.

My target for this trip is  to catch mackerel someway at Pelumpong spit  2km from. I almost catch one big mackerel but the steel wire i used was broken. In fact, catching mackerel at that spot is not as easy as we thought because at shallow water the fish is stronger than at deep water. I caught some mini trevally and  3 bauwan at Muara putus , muara harbor , that one lobster is my 3rd time i caught at the same spot at muara putus and  2 brusak at pelumpong offshore.

Very tiring this time. I almost hurt myself when  i fell down and hit my left chest and my hand to the edge of my boat. Very painful. i thought i broke my left chest already. Thanks to Allah  everything back to finally ok. Very much enjoyed walaupun byk halangan. nyaman tidor .



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