Monday, December 2, 2013

My trip this time the same with the previous activities. Netting shrimps, craps and fishing. It might be because of frequent rainfall, my luck trapping crab with only 3 kg and the same with my line fishing with 3 umpak only . Netting shrimps 8kg.

At Sg Raya i coincidentally met two of my old fishing friend as on picture doing what we called ' Mengabat' as one of the method  of catching fish.

Very much enjoyed this time with fine weather and less obstacles.

The catch of the day today. not much this time
those are the people in action at mouth of raya river bank  .The way of how they do the job is very tiring and dangerous. because they have to walk on the sticky mud which is not easy .your leg will drive deep in the mud and this place is famous for 1 big crocodile and many others.
                                                             Their catch of the morning.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

offfshore at UBD water

Different kind of fish  namely banana2, ayam laut, grouper, anduping, pasir and macam2 ada.
After a long break, then i had the time to go fishing  for fun only with brother  at jerudong water just about 5km from the beach near UBD. Actually the weather was not friendly in the early morning with south westerly wind. The wave was getting bigger and bigger towards the open sea. So we decided to go  fishing just nearby offshore. At last we managed to catch few fish alhamdudillah. At around 1pm we returned to base.

Date : Morning trip, Tuesday 17 September 2013
Current : Bottom current from North East and Surface from south west.
bait  : shrimp and aur2.

Friday, June 7, 2013

if you see carefully on photo, it shows the flag of Barisonal National during the PRU 13 Malaysia National election. You know that the flag is put at Bangau River outlet. Before you enter sg Bangau you can still see the flag. Semangat jua pilihan raya malaysia ani. Sampi kelaut.he..he.. funny but true.
My boat on on towing just before reaching sibabau base. The guy who helped me is Fijal from kg Saba, kg ayer. Thank you so much  for your help.

My total catch this time. 8.6kg shrimps and the three other fish.
My trip actually  for netting shrimps because my home's stock is almost finished. My netting spot as always at sg bangau and sg raya. Alhamdudillah, my catch is  more than 8kg  with my catch from line fishing, 2  lady grouper and Red Snapper. I only spent short time fishing.

In the first place , at 11.30 am ,  i already on my way cruising  to the base. not far from sg bangau  unexpected  problem came to my engine. I think the throttle engine cable broke. I tried to fix the things but failed.Luckly i brought my anchor in my boat. if not, the strong low tide current will bring me to the outer sea.  Its about 3 hours waiting for some other boaters passing by. At last baru tah ada org brunei melintas  mau menolong. Pengandang  udang jua.I gave all my petrol to him. sanang hati nya. At last around 3.45 pm, i reached pengkalan sibabau. I didnt really enjoy with my trip this time lah. firstly, i cut my finger from the engine propeller , my knife forgot to bring, my engine cap disappeared, my engine didnt work. Its a strong challenge for me this time . ok see u guys next time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

off fishing again.

The total catch for today.

As expected, if frequent rainfall, rezeki di sg bangau berkurangan.Anyhow, enjoyed and and have fun is much important.My catch for this time not much shrimps 3kg, crabs 7kg and line fishing catch namely ungah and lady groupers. Returned to base a bit early this time around 2.30pm cause the weather was not friendly. Manage to escape from the stormy wind plus heavy rain downfall just behind my boat about few hundred metres distance. I feel very tierd this time after a long few week breaks.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

cuti-cuti memancing ++

Total catch with fishing tackle with 11 kerapu bini, 1 mangrove jack, 8kg crabs and 8 kg shrimps.
Alhamdudillah, rezeki at this time was very good. Especially my fishing luck. I only caught about 15 shrimps for bait. Merambat pun inda belurih. If  i have had enough baits, byk lagi  dpt ikan memancing. I have to stop early cause my bails no more tangahnya. all finished. So i spent with netting shrimps. Well, i manage to catch about 8kg +- and my trapping craps this time not much.

This time i m pleased with the weather. thanks god. few times in the morning  raining but ok.
Unlike my two last trips.e wave many times struck and poured into my boats. inda jua jara. ok  guys see you next..........

Sunday, March 3, 2013

the total catch of the day.
The first time meeting with my people early in the morning as soon as i arrived at sibabau base. Usually at 5.20 am arrival at base inda belum banyak org  kan ke laut.

Rezek i kali ani alhamdudillah.Memancing pun belurih tapi udang kurang la kali ini. So overall catch namely crabs 16kg, prawn 2kg and many grouper and mangrove jack. I saw many  brunei people fishing and netting shrimps at Bangau river.

The weather  half day morning was fine and friendly but in  afternoon the wave is getting bigger and bigger. Many times the wave struck and got into my boats semasa membangkit bubu bbintur,
 alright that all. Bye.

Friday, January 18, 2013

 The overall catch of the day katam 24kg dan udang 6kg. Dan kana ombak lagi.

Thank god i am safe back home. The  fishing trip to seberang dekat sg bangau  i will never forget. Actually i wanted to go back home early. what happened then the weather didnt allow . Terpaksa tah tunggu.The worst thing is ombak makin besar. Banyak kali ombak masuk dari caruk perahu semasa membangkit bubu ketam.Sama jua semasa balik dari  sg. bangau to sibabau base.My first time jua in my life wearing life jacket i always bring.

My luck this time was good with 24kg crabs. My best record so far and 6 kg shrimps. Walaupun rezeki banyak tapi i didnt fell joy lah. Sakit badan tangahnya dan memberi takut lagi ombaknya. I met few people namely tahamit fro batu marang and others from sg besar. We had a nice chat and baibun. I reached home at 6.30pm.Salam to all .

Saturday, January 5, 2013

the 14 kg shrimps and carps 4 kg
the overall catch of the 3 in 1 trip
this time i am going alone.My first trip of this year , my luck hopefully will continue again from time to time. My intention actually for netting shrimps. i only bring 13 traps for craps and line fishing What happened was i managed to catch 14 kg shrimps plus 3 tiger prawn and 4kg craps with just 13 traps. and 1 hour line fishing with 3 grouper and few small fish.Usually i always bring 100 traps for crap.

The weather was very friendly with cloudy and raining day. Inda panas.Usually with the north east monsoon . the wind is always blowing in the afternoon. When blows it is  very dangerous to cruising across the brunei bay from  bangau river to sibabau base.

Best wishes to all fishing bloggers, anglers and readers.All the best for this new year onwards.Be happy always and good health.See you again in the next edition.


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