Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Catch of the day namely ikan bebatik, languran ,tawih, imam sapiee, big brusak which i never catch before , mini grouper and prawn 5 kg.

After a long break i think almost 2 months. This time i spent my time fishing at Muara water. and pelompong  island just 5km away from the spits. Usually i always bring fishing nets for shrimps and fishing net for Kembura and Tamban, baits for  Tengiri but i didnt catch any baits for tengiri. But i managed to netting about 5kg shrimps, more than enough bait for other species fish. It was at noon time I caught most of the fish, which is not the right time to fish. if i could wait for 3 hours longer till late afternoon . I believe i could catch more. I returned to Pangkalan Sibabau base around 2.30pm. it wasa very very hot day. i felt like boiling. Very tiring but enjoyed very much.



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