Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The jerebu  that i could not see around me around me.
Anchoring at one of my fishing spot at Muara putus
Catch of the day

I went to sg Raya to netting shrimps. Alhamdudillah around 4kg shrimp. Around 9.30 am, I started cruaising my boat to Muara Harbour, 9 km from sg. raya. Halfway cruaising, i lost focussed. I did not know where to heading because of the haze, i could not see anything around me.. Luckily i have some fishing coordinates which is close to Pelompong spit . I used GPS device to guide. After about 4 hours fishing at Muara putus. I managed to catch 3 ikan languran, one ikan bahuan and one lobster. klu sudah kana bagi rezeki atu perkara yang yg inda patut dapat, jadi dapat. My first licence to catch lobster with fishing line di Muara putus. I went back to sg Bangau, which is close to Raya river. At Bugis village, i did not catch any. i think the water visibility is very clear. I went to Raya river. I caught 3 red snappers and 2 lady grouper. it was very quiet inside Raya river and very scary. Because i was alone. Back to Pangkalan sibabau around 5pm. 

The weather was very fine but berjerebu. Inda berapa panas. Really enjoyed but feel tired.



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